Pal(a)eoScientometrics is an international team interested in the study of the quantitative features and characteristics of palaeontology and palaeontological research. In particular, we are focused on highlighting historical issues caused by colonialism on palaeontological research and publishing.

The colonial legacy in palaeontology cannot be denied. We see it in natural history collections. We also see it in the way many researchers conduct their work.

Colonialism itself has many faces and usually the coloniser believes that the colonised need what they have to offer because the colonised have nothing to offer. The first order of business is to devalue what the colonised have and ensure whatever they have on the table is far more “superior”. This is often seen in the way palaeontolgical research is disseminated, whose research gets to be published over the other and who are more accepted as experts in their field.

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Pedro L. Godoy
Pedro L. Godoy
Assistant Professor