Phenotypic evolution

I am passionate about macroevolution, particularly phenotypic evolutionary patterns. To analyse and characterise long-term patterns of trait evolution, I use a variety of quantitative methods, including geometric morphometric (GM) techniques, model-fitting analyses, disparity and diversification estimation and other phylogenetic comparative methods. Most of these methods are performed within the statistical environment/programming language R.

I have mostly focused my research on crocodylomorph macroevolution. Given its rich fossil record and remarkable morphological disparity, Crocodylomorpha is an excellent system to investigate large-scale evolutionary patterns. But I have also been working on other tetrapod groups, such as dinosaurs, turtles and basal archosauromorphs.

Within this research topic, I have published work on crocodylomorphs and dinosaurs. For example, I have used GM methods to quantify cranial shape variation in Crocodylomorpha and a model-fitting approach to characterise body size evolution in the same group. On dinosaurs, I have estimated diversification and body size evolutionary rates to characterize the early evolution of the group.

Pedro L. Godoy
Pedro L. Godoy
Assistant Professor