Osteology and systematics

An important component of my research involves the morphological description of fossil crocodylomorph specimens, as well as doing phylogenetic analysis of different crocodylomorph groups.

I have been involved in works on baurusuchid notosuchians (which led to the publication of two first-authored papers, in PLoS ONE and PeerJ), neosuchians (published in Historical Biology), caimanines (published in Papers in Palaeontology) and thalattosuchians (published in JVP).

For these, I have used data collected during visits to museum and scientific collections (for first-hand examination of specimens), from the literature, and from Computed Tomography (CT) technology. For phylogenetic analyses, I usually perform analyses with parsimony, but I am also familiar with Bayesian inference.

Pedro L. Godoy
Pedro L. Godoy
Assistant Professor